Granville Island Exterior Lighting Redesign

Keeping history and magic alive for this Vancouver gem while integrating new technology, saving more than a million dollars in maintenance for the 14-hectare island over a ten year span following the renovation. 

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics: Opening, Victory, and Closing Ceremonies

Short timeline special effects control systems were developed, fabricated, delivered, and operated with three layers of software and hardware redundancy to avoid potential for costly clean-ups from false triggers. Our team also provided the time code that kept the entire show on cue.

Architectural Controls and Lighting Design

Commercial, Industrial, Hospitality, Office, Mixed-Use, Energy Audits and Incentives, and more.

Construction and Renovation

Electrical, Electronics, Lighting, Audio, Video, Special Effects, Drywall, Framing, Painting, and other project fulfillment contracts.

Event Production Management

General Event Production, Technical Lead, Lighting, Audio, Video, First Aid, Security, Transporation, Parking, Sanitation, Stage Design, Ticketing, and more!

Art Exhibits

Interactive and Immersive Art Exhibitions engaging the public and private sector for exploration, curiosity, and brand activation.


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